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Our fees in architecture

Pricing for our Architecture Photography options

There are multiple options in architecture photography.
Time spent on the shooting will strongly depend on your expectations on the job. Wide shot, additional close-up shots, ambiance, global lighting of the place, exterior or interior — these are just a few among the parameters which will influence the shooting. It is therefore complicated to make a quote on such a service whithout first thouroughly defining your needs.

In order to get a free quote, please contact-us at the following e-mail address [rachel@the-onlooker.com] or on the phone [+33 (0)2 99 54 20 74] and provide as much info as possible on the shooting you are planning — surface area of the place, number of rooms, number of pictures expected, type of ambiance, shooting place, end use, etc.

For an easier experience, you can also use the online Quote form.

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