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  • salon design C à l'Intérieur

    Design by CL Intérieurs

  • photographe d'intérieur

    Design by CL Intérieurs

  • architecture photographiée de nuit

    Design by O2 Concept Architecture

  • photographe d'architecture extérieur

    Design by Mikael Genberg

  • aménagement d'espace

    Design by CL Intérieurs

  • espace d'attente photographie d'intérieur

    Design by CL Intérieurs

  • photographe d'architecture Bretagne

    Design by CL Intérieurs

  • photographe d'architecture Grand Ouest

    Design by CL Intérieurs

  • photographe d'architecture Rennes

    Design by CL Intérieurs

Architectural photographer

Interior design/Architecture

The architectural photographer’s job is above all to bring you a unique perspective on the spaces you have designed or in which you welcome your clients, coupled to a distinctive technical expertise.
As light is essential in the rendering of an architectural picture, it is necessary to resort to various specific tools as well as to long and/or multiple exposures.

The Onlooker brings you its expertise in the field of architectural photography for:

  • photographs of interiors aiming to describe your retail environments, showcase your accomplishments or bring your production facilities to light
  • photographs of outside spaces to expose your realizations and disclose your premises
  • photographs of green and gardened spaces


  • Mobile professional studio and multiple exposures for a natural light rendering
  • Ultra wide angle lens for small spaces
  • Perfect exposure in both the highlights and shadow areas
  • Perfect colour rendering thanks to a carefully calibrated graphic chain
  • Full editing in high-definition
  • Delivery in the format, colour profile and dimensions of your choice