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Bécherel and Bretagne Romantique municipality communities

  • Randonnée communauté de commune Bécherel
  • Photographe associatif Pays de Bécherel
  • Théâtre enfants Romillé
  • Randonnée pays de bécherel
  • Chorale Romillé
  • Théâtre Romillé
  • Photographe associatif Bretagne Romantique
  • Association Théâtre Romillé
  • Association Théâtre Berloul
  • Théâtre Berloul Romillé
  • Association Arc-en-scène Romillé
  • Nature et Sentiers Romillé

Events reports for community organisations

The Onlooker supports the local community network

Theatre, dance, hiking, singing—the activities carried out by the municipal and inter-municipal associations are as diverse as they are essential to the local fabric. It is important for these community groups to communicate about the events they put together.
The Onlooker supports the local organizations, having usually modest financial means, by offering professional events coverage at reduced prices.
We also offer our services to municipalities wishing to provide their residents with photography courses.
Do not hesitate to contact usfor more information.


  • Report on the organized event
  • Editing for 20-50 pictures depending on the event
  • Online Gallery
  • Photography courses available