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Luxury packshot

Stylish pictures in high-definition

Offer exceptional pictures to your brochures or the front page of your site!
What could be better than an attractive image to express to your clients all the care and attentions you put into your products? If it is indeed the quality of your products that is perpetuating your customer base, a fine picture will nonetheless capture the imagination and convey in a catchy moment the values of your brand.

Seize the opportunity to get a message of elegance, creativity or attention to details across with carefully considered images, using a tailor-made lighting and a personalized setting.
The Onlooker guarantees you a polished shooting in a professional studio including:

  • multiple exposures, if necessary, to bring out the best of your product
  • a perfect colour representation thanks to a carefully calibrated graphic chain
  • meticulously exposed photographs, retaining all the details in shadows or highlights areas
  • refined atmospheres
  • a shooting in our studio or on location (your choice) thanks to a mobile studio.


  • High-definition pictures (21Mpx)
  • Full editing in high-definition (scratches, defects, etc.)
  • Advanced retouching and/or multiple exposures to improve the rendering of the product
  • Delivery in the format, colour profile and dimensions of your choice